Saturday, 15 January 2011

My bestfriend

Today is my bestie's birthday

I know I know I post a lot of posts dedicated to people, especially on 'birthdays' :P but I can't help it!

HOWEVER this is actually a continuation of one of my early posts called 'I miss you'.
You see I thought I lost a friend, but I didn't she was right there, waiting for me =)
It is funny how things easily change, how one minute you inseparable and the next you hardly speak to each other and then everything is back to normal, life can be so fickle like that.

ANYWAY this goes out to you A*
You're my one and only,
You're my dearest,
You're my girl,
You're my rock and I LOVE YOU.


of course I had to post our 'song'
ahhh school days! hahahaha crazy times :P


  1. Awww...allah la yfrgkm inshalla.

    And a happy birthday to your bestie! :)