Thursday, 23 September 2010

Back in the UK


So I have been in the UK for a few days now. Me and my bestie (still didn't figure out a code for her yet) moved into an apartment! I love our place, it's cute and awesome :p 7amdellah we found a nice place in time.

Anyhoo so as you can probably guess we don't have internet so I have been away from the webbing world for a few days now and it's been difficult! =(

I am behind the hundreds of tv series that I watch ... ah well this is life.

And if your wondering how I am online now, well I am in the University's library, yes I am that desperate! Oh and Uni still didn;t even start so it is practically dead here, the things people do for the internet :p

Well this is a lame post I know, at least its a post la? hehehe

till the next POST which I promise will be awesome XD

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

feeling empty

Ah it is indeed the worst feeling ever.

What is so annoying is that I don't know what I am missing and why I am feeling this way.

So very frustrating, but that is life right?

You don't always get what you want and when you think you have it all figured out, BOOM everything comes tumbling down ...

I feel empty, but I don't know what I want, but does anyone?

Tuesday, 7 September 2010


I went to do 3umrah for the first time and I got back two weeks ago. The first question people ask me was of course how it felt seeing the Ka’ba for the first time. And that got me thinking to when I asked that same question to people before I went. I always had the thought of seeing the Ka’ba as extraordinary. My mother told me she cried when she saw it, my father said that the only other time he was as happy as when he saw the Ka’ba was when he saw me the first time when I was born. So I already had this high expectation, I put the whole thought and idea of seeing it on such a high pedestal.

So what happened when I saw the Ka’ba for the first time? I was overwhelmed, my expectations were met, actually it exceeded my expectations, and it was surreal. I wanted to cry because of how happy I was, I could feel the tears burning in my eyes but I didn’t want them to flow. I didn’t want my tears to come down, I know it sounds weird when I say this but I wanted to be strong and composed so I didn’t want to cry. So I held myself and I was just smiling. And as I was walking towards the Ka’ba it was like I was the only one, I couldn’t hear the people around me or see anyone else, I was just drawn towards it, it was like a magnet pulling me and then I began to perform 3umrah.

I always heard people saying that you don’t feel tired or the strain as you perform the 6awaf around the Ka’ba and I found that to be true. It was easy and smooth and before I knew it I had finished. Another thing that I found amazing was that I remembered everyone who asked me to pray for them and what they asked for, I mean I remembered people who weren’t even that close to me, at that instant as I was going round the Ka’ba all their names and prayers were in my head and I prayed for them.

And then I finished performing everything else and went back to the hotel and fell on my bed TIRED. But oh, it was worth it. You feel this feeling like you are on cloud nine. I called it a ‘spiritual high’ and I feel it’s the best way I could describe the feeling.

I can’t wait to back their again inshallah. =)

Monday, 6 September 2010


OK so I didn't really go anywhere, well wait, I did and then I came back and then ... OK i'll start again, I went to do 3umrah! XD and it was my first time and it was amazing! I am going to dedicate a whole post to that later on. I am still on a "spiritual high" if that makes sense and more of that in time.

And then I came back! I was away for a week! And it was indeed an awesome week, but maybe a little tint teeny part of me missed my bb and laptop ... just a small bit! Don't judge me! :P

So here I am back in my hometown chilling at home, telling my parents all about my trip (I went with my brother and sister) and we are all excited cutting each other off and we talked until we ran out of energy.

I just head straight to bed, and the next day I decide to go online, cheak out what I missed from the world or the INTERNET and guess what happens, the wireless doesn't work -.-

We call the telecommunication company and even go there and for another week it still didn't work until today!

So yeah I AM BACK! and OMG so many blogs to catch up on! I didn't even realise I read that many blogs!

till the next post XD