Thursday, 19 August 2010

Being different

Why do we feel shame when someones points out that we are different. Instead we must be proud, for being different sometimes gets you far. (or can send you to a mental institution)

We should always try to accept our 'different side' because with that in our hands we can go so far and accomplish so much.

If you think of successful people, what do they all have in common? They stand out.

So next time someone calls me different, eccentric or even weird, I am going to look at them with pride in me and say 'You call me that one more time and the next time you wake up you will be in an emergency room with stiches all over your body!' LOL just kidding
I am actually going to quote the amazing and talented Coco Chanel; 'In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different'

and here are a few more quotes I came across that I liked:

It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for something you are not. (Andre Gide)

The more you like yourself, the less you are like anyone else, which makes you unique. (Walt Disney)

You may laugh because I am different, but I laugh because you are all the same - (Anonymous)

Saturday, 14 August 2010

Inspire Me

Inspire me

Change me for the better

Make me a greater person

Make me chose the road that seems difficult but has a more rewarding ending

Forgive me for my ignorance

But help me increase my intellect

Only you have that power over me

Only you can make me overcome my hurdles

So here I am waiting for you

You are my knight in shining armour, my saviour, my everything

You are the better side of me that I have lost and forgotten...

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Talk about AWKWARD situation!

So here I am in a car with my mum and her friend. We are sitting waiting for my aunty to show up. And as we are waiting my mums friend opens her wallet to take something out and she sees a pic of her son, turns around and looks at me and says "Flana what do you think of my son? You could end up being my daughter in law" and she passes the wallet to me.

And there I am staring at the pictures thinking to myself what the hell am I suppose to say? And my mum's there just holding a laugh and then she quickly dismisses the situation by stating that Mohammed (my possible spouse) is too short for me.

I am there thinking 'mama you make me sound like a giant, ana wa7di I'm not even that tall, I am the shortest in my family (after my mum that is)'

Then my mum's friend goes, no he isn't short, blah blah, perfect height for me.
I'm there at the back seat thinking OMG are these people serious?
Then she turns at me and smiles, and says "so ..."
I am like, "umm, ....."
Then my aunty shows up, ooo they forget about everything! PHEW that was close! :P
I mean what could I say? "Oh your sons cute?" or "oh no, he isn't my type?" either way, it will come out weird!

In case you were wondering, yeah he was cute :$ :P

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Food for thought

There's always a little truth behind every "just kidding".
A little knowledge behind every "I don't know"
A little emotion behind every "I don't care"
And a little pain behind every "it's okay"

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

My Furture Husband ... a warning ;)

I need you to be my friend at first. A really good friend, not the type of friend who say hi occasionally or the theirs a chance I have a crush on you type of friend. I want us to be good friends, close friends, a friend who I let my guards down for.

I want that so then you can see the real me. The me I try so hard to hide at times. The me that I myself don't understand. You'll see my flaws; all of them or maybe just some of them.
And with the flaws out their in your face, you'll see more of my good side, you will understand what makes me, me.

With that you'll see how my flaws make me a better person. In my equation two negatives do make a positive sometimes.

Know that I am the jealous type. I can't change that no matter how hard I try. Don't think its because I don't trust you. I do, it's those a7m *girls* I don't trust.
So if I question you, try to understand my point of view and I promise I won't bombard with questions every time, maybe once a week, OK, OK, once in two weeks? FIIIINE once a month and that's my final offer! -.-

And remember, that if you can make me feel jealous, it means I love you and it's my way of saying that I love you so much. =) (note I have never fallen in love, and so no man has yet made me feel jelouse, it's just something i know)

Another thing I should warn you about, I am very sensitive. Very very sensitive. I react in either tears or anger, or both. Usually anger followed by tears. I can't help it, I am the emotional type. So the little things can bother me, and that's just how I am wired.
SO what positive thing can come out of this?!?!
HELLO sensitive people are awesome! We are not weak (I'll kick some people's ass if I have to), just because we can get hurt easily doesn't necessarily mean we are push overs. I am not. If anything it made me stronger. I don't take peoples crap, and most importantly I fight for my loved ones. And I fight till the end and I never like hurting, because when it comes to pain, I know oh so well. So I hate inflicting it onto someone else. So I can't see the future but I'll tell you this, I will try my best not to hurt you ever. (promises can be broken under special circumstances like you hurting me and me breaking your face with a baseball bat) (you can tell my favourite weapon is baseball bat, too many movies)

I am sarcastic. I can't help it, it's in my blood. Sometimes it's funny, sometimes not so funny. Goodluck with that.

I am a self proclaimed cool nerd. Yeah cool nerds do exist! I am living proof of that. So I find different things interesting, I like anime, and Discovery channel is awesome to me, but at the same time I like E Entertainment channel. So there you have it! I love everything and anything, so helpfully we will have something similar in films and music. BTW I love the cinema, we'll be going there a lot. And music, my passion. =)

So there you have it! To be honest, there quite a few things I left out but this it for now. There will be a part 2. Sometime. But I think this enough for now. You see I still didn't figure myself out. I need to do that, and then y9eer 5eir.

*Note: This is to an imaginary dude, I don't have anyone in mind... yet ;)

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

The Era of beauty, class and elegance

When it comes to music, I go insane, I already dedicated a few posts to songs. I just love music and now I would like us to go back, way back. To the era of beauty and class. Where less wasn't always more. Where love was always in the air. When the beats were mellow and the rhythm was perfect.
It was all just gorgeous.
So I decided to post some songs, pics and names of these amazing artists that made that era beautiful.

First will start of some blues, with the amazing Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerlad with 'Summer time':

It's such an amazing song. I love it so much. It is just relaxing and because I mentioned the famous Louis Armstrong, of course his most famous song that will always make me smile, 'what a wonderful world'.

And now I'll take a break from music and go onto something that I know less of and maybe I am not as passionate as I am with music, but you can't ignore it.; fashion.
I love art, I can't paint or draw or play an instrument, but like I said earlier I love music and I am so very passionate about it so I enjoy all things artistic and appreciate it all.
So I have listed some fashion icons who you all know. Their all just so ah I can;t describe, but their style has continued on for ages. They are definitely one of the most prominent fashion icons out there.

We will start with who comes to everyones mind first; Audrey Hepburn.
This shot is my favourite of hers. I love it because of the sunglasses. This look is still used, up to this day. The shades are just gorgeous! I love it!

Next up, the woman who got her fairy tale, she became a princess, yes it's Grace Kelly.
Need I say more?

And here come the lovely Elizabeth Taylor. *Applause*
When I think of her, I remember the movie Cleopatra. She played Cleopatra so well. The elegance and grace she had, she convinced the audience that she was Queen of Egypt.

Up next the Italian beauty Sophia Loren.
She was the first woman to win an academy award for best actress for a non-english spoken film. She is beautiful, she's Italian!

And last but most certainly not least, no I did not forget about her it is Marilyn Monroe.
I don't think I should say anything here, we all know her and no one can deny how she is a cultural icon and definitely a fashion icon! Her life was cut short, but she did have an impact in the land of entertainment. Ladies and Gentlemen it's Marilyn Monroe!

Now back to some music. my love. =)

Let's go to the moon!
It's Nat King Cole with Destination Moon.

Another Nat King Cole, These foolish things

This next song got me into all this music. I heard it from my dad and ever since then I was hooked. Dean Martin with That's Amore

Frank Sinatra with New York New York

And Last Sammy Davis Jr, with Mr Bojangles.

And that is it for this post! Phew!
That took a while! I suggest you give each song a listen. They are all phenomenal! I still have loads to share but I'll just leave them for another post ;)
Hope enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing and posting them. With ever song and picture I smiled. =)